Period Facesitting

facesitting drawings with indifferent ladies Period Facesitting

The monthly period should not stop a mistress of dominating his slave! whenever I’m in period I still do my domination! Usually he lickes my feets! it feels good when you are in a stuborn mood because of the period! I also do sit on his face! usually when I’m period i don’t take off my underwear! and I just sit on his mouth while I have my underwear on! When I’m period I like to sit on his mout and not move! I enjoy how hot his face become and makes my legs like wet! it’s a bit more suffering for him since the breathing is hard! but i like to do it while i’m doing my own stuff like checking my phone and chatting with my friends! and being please by his mouth!

This morning after I woke up, I sit on his mouth for around an hour and checking out the news with my phone!


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